Friday, 31 December 2010

Lodekka 651 and New Year resolutions

Work is due to re-start on United Counties Lodekka 651EBD early in the new year after several months in store. Work ground to a halt after difficulties in matching the Gardner 6LX engine and Bristol gearbox supplied but, thanks to Carl Ireland of Hull, we now think the problem has been resolved. To fit the 6LX engine, the engine mountings and supporting cross-members will need to be changed and Carl Ireland thinks the correct ones have now been sourced - they differ from the pattern used for Bristol or Gardner 6LW engines. So, our new year's resolution is to get this Lodekka project back on track and returned to its home with the Rushden Historical Transport Society.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Southend 232 takes shape

Resembling a scene more akin to Northern Counties' works, Southend 232 is taking good shape. The roof has been completely repanelled after discovering several areas of severe oxidisation, and the window pans have also been renewed. This work follows replacement of the typical Northern Counties 'top-hat' section around the main steel framing, which all had to be replaced. Work is progressing from top to bottom - but there is still much work to be done, particularly on the front and rear framing which is badly corroded.

National 1000 repanelled

Repanelling is well under-way on ex-Merseyside PTE Leyland National 1000 (OHF858S). The Busworks has been busy snapping up Leyland National panels from contacts around the country, to assist with 1000's restoration - but I think we could build a few from scratch now as well! We have also had some new side panelling made for 1000 using templates supplied to a local fabrication company.

Catching up with the Bristol J-type

It has been a while since we caught up with progress on Bristol J-type BHW432. Following the fabrication of a complete new timber framed rear end and the replacement of all side and roof timbers, repanelling is well advanced. We have made new fibreglass window pans, to replace the original ones that were steel and badly corroded. BHW432 will return to its role within a vintage fairground company upon completion.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Routemaster overhauls progress

The complete overhaul and restoration of two Routemasters continues at the BusWorks and the photograph illustrates the extent of the work being undertaken. Both RML2590 and RML2680 have been stripped down to their basic framework ready for rebuilding. Both vehicles are expected to receive new roof panelling as well before major re-assembly work begins.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Routemaster stars at EuroBus Expo

London Routemaster RM1152 is one of the stars of EuroBus Expo at Birmingham's NEC following its restoration at the BusWorks. The bus features on the Omnibus Systems stand, the leading supplier of bus and crew scheduling software to the bus industry.

The sell-out show features 260 vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, more than 100 coaches and buses, a dedicated technology zone, and a programme of seminars hosted by leading industry professionals. Running from 2 to 4 November at the NEC in Birmingham, this annual bus motor show gives visitors the chance to bring themselves completely up to date with all the latest developments and talk to the companies that are shaping the industry.

The BusWorks is very proud to have completed RM1152 for the show and the bus has certainly been turning heads amongst the contemporary buses surrounding it.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Merseyside 1000 making good progress

The BusWorks has several major restoration projects in progress at the moment that are amongst the most extensive for their class type - the London RTW, London Metropolitan, Leicester Dominator 100, Southend Fleetline 232, Bristol J-type BHW432 and Merseyside Leyland National 1000 all fit into this category. None of them are 'quick-wins' and often I hear criticism from enthusiasts bemoaning our progress - we can't turn these kind of restorations around like a production line!

In this post we catch up with Merseyside Leyland National 1000 which is now being extensively repanelled after framework repairs. Note in this view some new side panelling which we have had specially commissioned.

London RTW467 arrives for work

London RTW467 is currently at the BusWorks for some mechanical work and MoT submission - but also to have its seats completed retrimmed. We have taken the opportunity to take lots of detailed pictures of this vehicle to inform the detailed re-assembly of RTW335 for Ensignbus, a major restoration project started in January 2010.

Lambrini bus is in the pink

Ex-City Sightseeing, but formerly London Transport, MCW Metrobus M945 has now been launched in its all-over advertising livery for Lambrini cherry. The bus, part of Classic Bus North West's operating fleet, is to star in a TV-advert for the brand. Promotional tours using the bus are planned following the success of the Crabbies Ginger Beer bus for the same manufacturer, Halewood International.

In between these commitments, M945 will be available for hire and see use on Sea Front 12 in Lytham St.Annes next summer.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Routemasters gather at the BusWorks site

There are currently 8 Routemasters at the BusWorks site for various reasons. Amongst them are two RMLs owned by Nick Rose of Bournemouth that are undergoing probably the most thorough restorations/rebuild of the RML class - unless, of course you know different. RML2590 is being restored as near as possible to original condition, whereas RML2680 will be outwardly original but internally is being fitted out for corporate use.

The Routemasters are:

RM1152/RML2590/RML2680 - undergoing restoration at the BusWorks

RMC1459 - operated on behalf of Crabbies Ginger Beer brand

RM1568/RM1583/RML2290 & RML2734 - in ClassicBus North West operating fleet

Interestingly all the RM type vehicle are from the ***CLT registration series (although RM1568 was re-registered BNK324A after exile from London).

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Routemaster RM1152 for EuroBus Expo

RM1152 is now in the workshops and has already been stripped out internally. Externally, the bus will be completely repanelled. The restoration has been commissioned jointly by its owner John Pryer and Omnibus Systems, the bus industry's leading passenger transport software supplier. Upon completion, the bus is scheduled to appear in the EuroBus Expo event at the NEC in Birmingham (2-4 Nov).

RM1152 was new to London Transport in May 1962 and survived in service in the capital until September 1986, passing to Clydeside Scottish the following year. It was sold to PVS in Barnsley upon final withdrawal in 1990 but was purchased for preservation in July 1991. Returned to LT livery, it passed to John Pryor in 1996. Mechanical problems have resulted in RM1152 being laid up since 2008 and the BusWorks has fitted a replacement B-frame, new exhaust and steering units and overhauled brakes.

Southend 232 Progress Report

Southend Fleetline 232 has been stripped right down to its basic frame for its thorough restoration to original condition. The lower deck saloon floor has been stripped out, revealing extensive corrosion around the wheelarches and platforms, which will be replaced. The 'dismantling' phase is now complete and work on the re-assembly is now able to start.

Repanelling of National 1000 starts

Following framework attention and the fitting of a new saloon floor, repanelling of Merseyside Leyland National 1000 has started. Some of the original panelling is suitable for refitting, but other panels are being sourced to replace corroded panels.

Sunday, 29 August 2010

...and Southend 232 is stripped

This week, Southend Fleetline 232 has been stripped of external panelling and lower deck flooring to reveal the extent of the rebuilding work required. The floor supports are severely corroded, particularly around the front & rear wheelarches and centre door (which doesn't leave much in good condition!) and this area will require complete renewal and then a new floor.

Externally, the main frame is in good condition but the steel 'top-hat' section where the panels rivet onto are badly corroded - and again will need renewing. The BusWorks has fabricated a template for the top-hat section that will suit other Northern Counties bodies.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Southend Fleetline 232 arrives

Southend Transport, after switching to rear engined double deckers became enthusiastic users of Daimler's Fleetline, in particular the more un-usual 33ft long examples with lowheight Northern Counties bodywork. Southend also specified Leyland 680 engines for a number of their deliveries, marrying what was broadly the Atlantean engine to the more simple and straight foreword Daimler transmission.
232 is one such example and latterly was used by an independent operator on school contracts following exile from Southend - and painted in this metallic maroon livery. It is now at the BusWorks for full restoration to its as-new condition in Southend's attractive blue and cream.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Metrobus gets Lambrini Cherry treatment

Former City Sightseeing MCW Metrobus M945 (A945SUL) has entered the BusWorks for repanelling and some internal refurbishment and will be outshopped in an all-over advertisement for Lambrini Cherry.

M945 will join the Classic Bus North West operating fleet but will also undertake promotional trips for drinks manufacturer Halewood International, who also produce Crabbies Ginger Beer (their Routemaster is also a product of the BusWorks). M945 is due for completion in early September.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Open-top Bristol LH ready for service!

The conversion of ex-London Bristol LH BL91 (OJD91R) to open-top configuration was completed some weeks ago, but today was an ideal opportunity to capture it in the sunshine. Now in green & cream livery, the bus looks superb and certainly caught the eye of tourists after a few runs along Blackpool Promenade!

Sunday, 25 July 2010

MPTE National - now down to bare frame

The appearance of 1000 now reminds me of the East Lancs factory in Blackburn during the early 1990s when the lives of many Leyland Nationals were extended during the 'Greenway' refurbishment.

We have stripped the saloon floor out of 1000, partly because the floor covering needed replacing and it was considered more cost effective to fit new boarding, but also to assess the condition of the steel chassis sections.

Contrary to the notice illustrated in the pictures - I think £20 and £50 notes will definetly be required for this project!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Blackpool MetroRider goes Scilly

When the rebuild of the ex-London LH for Island Rover went beyond the client's budget, a low cost alternative was suggested and so the "Scilly Pony" project has mutated into the Scilly MetroRider! The answer was an ex-Blackpool Optare Metrorider withdrawn from service in 2009.

The glazing was removed and the window pans capped, vinyl seating replaced moquette seating and grab rails were fitted to meet VOSA guidelines. The end result has been repainted in Island Rover's light blue and cream livery and the bus was VOSA approved on 14 July ready for despatch to Penzance, where it will be shipped across to Isles of Scilly sto start its new life.

Leicester 100 - repanelling in progress

The nearside of ex-Leicester Dennis Dominator 100 has been repanelled in recent weeks, as seen in this view during a recent workshop shunt. 100 is expected to be a long term project to fit with our clients' budget spend, but we are looking forward to seeing the vehicle back in the red, grey and white livery that Leicester adopted around deregulation.

During its time at Warrington, the destination display was lengthened to take standard Warrington blinds. A display from a scrapped ex-Blackpool MetroRider has been fitted, explaining the "Fleetwood" destination!

Ex-London Metrobus for Unity Radio

Former Arriva London Metrobus M1327 (reg. C327BUV) has been painted all-black for Unity Radio in Manchester and graphics have been applied for this Community Radio Station. An inverter has been fitted to convert 24v dc to 240v ac supply but the bus is expected to return to the BusWorks in the near future for an interior refit.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

MPTE National 1000 - stripped for restoration

Former Merseyside PTE 1000 (OHF858S) has now been stripped down to its basic framing in what may become one of the most extensive Leyland National restorations. The basic steel frame is in good condition but the steel panelling and window pans were badly corroded, in addition to the skirt panel framing.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Crabbies RMC is Tickety boo!

Routemaster RMC1459 has a busy schedule over the next few months touring for Crabbies Ginger Beer. It has just been launched at the Scottish Open and, following appearances at the English Picnics outdoor concerts near Cambridge, the bus is due for a 24-day stint at the Edinburgh festivals during August.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What are Metropolitans made of?

Anyone with any doubt why the Scania Metropolitans quickly vanished from operators across the country need only look at the severe corrosion that was lurking behind the rear end fibreglass panelling on MD60. Rust! There must have been a few sleepless nights at LT when the corrosion eating away at their 164-strong MD class became all too apparent.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Work resumes on London Metropolitan

Work has resumed this week on the extensive restoration work on London Metropolitan MD60. The chassis has already been shotblast and silvered, with some corrosion also attended to. Now, the upper deck has been stripped of old treadmaster whilst the grey lining panels have been removed to assess the framework condition.
As evident elsewhere, MCW only etch-primer treated the steel box-section framing - little wonder these vehicles corroded so rapidly. The old interior adverts have been steamed off and the glazing rubbers scrubbed. New treadmaster will be fitted upstairs and new lining panels as required.

Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Crabbies Ginger Beer powered Routemaster

RMC1459 has now been completed as part of a contract for Halewood International, promoting the Crabbies Ginger Beer brand. The lower deck features a drinks bar, servery and bar stools whilst the upper deck has been re-modelled for corporate hospitality but retaining some RMC seating.

The bus has a very busy schedule of events starting with the Scottish Open at Loch Lomond on 8th July. It's 60 mph capacity will certainly be required to keep pace with its booked appearances.

Open Top LH nears completion

After the project stalled for the original customer, the ex-London Bristol LH is now nearing completion following open-top conversion and mechanical overhaul. Formerly London Transport BL91, the bus was acquired for an operator on Isles of Scilly but a new buyer is now in the frame. Watch this space!

ECOC RE back in dual-purpose NBC livery

Ex-Eastern Counties RLE864 has returned to dual-purpose red and white livery after its first coat of gloss was applied this week. 864 has been extensively repanelled, glazing rubbers replaced and interior seats refitted. Still to complete is a major front end rebuild and engine/gearbox overhaul, before the final top coat is applied.

Merseyside National into workshop

After some preparatory work, ex-Merseyside Leyland National 7000 (OHF858S) has now moved into a workshop slot within the main Busworks. Over the next few months, ex-7000 will be stripped down, requiring a full body and mechanical overhaul.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

Leicester 100 stripped for restoration

Leicester Dominator 100, reg C100UBC, has been completely stripped of external panelling for restoration to Leicester CityBus red, grey & white livery. Water ingress was certainly a problem partly because of the mitred glazing rubbers (that shrunk with age) and partly because East Lancs. never used any sealent behind the panels. The decision was taken to completely repanel, because every panel was dented and it was considered more cost effective than rubbing down/filling for our client - and the finished job will look superb.
100 will receive a complete repanel and attention to some areas of corroded framework behind the wheelarches and in the engine compartment - the fibreglass engine covers almost fell off! After years on school contracts in Warrington, 100 will return to Leicester as good as new!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ribble VRT 1997 nears completion

Work on the restoration of Ribble 1997 at the BusWorks site has now been completed and the vehicle has moved back to the LTT's Brinwell Road.

1997 still requires MoT preparation work including brake servicing, accelerator repairs and other minor work before being submitted to Class VI test at VOSA Kirkham.

248 passes VOSA CoIF test - and now complete

Southdown TD5 No.248 successfully passed its Certificate of Initial Fitness on Friday 14th May and is now certified for passenger carrying use to Class VI psv standard. The work was not without its frustrations, particularly getting the 1939 braking system to pass a 2010 performance test on a VOSA rolling road!

248 now awaits collection for the return journey back home to West Sussex.

Monday, 26 April 2010

London MD60 returns from shotblasting - at last!

Few of the once 164 strong batch of Scania Metropolitans survive - largely because they rotted away whilst in service! MD60 was new in 1976 but by 1982 it was in store and withdrawn and sold during 1983. Luckily it was acquired for preservation but the vehicle was still in 'as withdrawn' condition when it arrived at the BusWorks in November 2008.

The engine and gearbox was removed in 2009 and the lower deck interior stripped before the bus was sent away for shotblasting and chassis attention. Unfortunately, this has been a prolonged process but MD60 returned to the BusWorks today. Although much of the chassis is now in 'as new' condition, the hard work really begins now. The all-steel framework, poorly treated against corrosion when built, is in very poor condition which was the reason these buses had such a short operational life in London.

Sunday, 25 April 2010

WYPTE 8534 Leopard roars again

Ex-West Yorkshire PTE 8534's restoration at the BusWorks is almost complete. Now back in original livery style, 8534 was one of 35 Plaxton 'Derwent' bodied Leopards delivered in three batches 8501-8513, 8514-8525 and 8526-8535. They were commonly associated with the Todmorden and Halifax areas of the "Metro" operations.
8534's restoration has included a complete lower repanel, new polished mouldings, rebuilt rear end, new Treadmaster flooring and completely retrimmed interior seating. An MoT awaits and application of WYPTE "Metro" fleetname.

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Classic livery for Open Top VRT

Ex-Ribble VRT 1995 (OCK995K) has been repainted in Classic Bus North West fleet livery of the Southdown inspired apple green and cream livery. This vehicle is on long-term loan to the trading company from the LTT and recently 1995 passed through the BusWorks for rear panelling and upper deck floor repairs. It was decided to repaint 1995 in advance of the 2010 summer season, its first since 2007 when reverse Ribble livery was applied.

Friday, 9 April 2010

Nearly there - Southdown 248

The complete restoration of Southdown TD5 No.248 is almost complete. The interior and glazing is all refitted with re-trimmed seating and the bus is being submitted for a "Certificate of Initial Fitness" (CoIF) so that it can be used on psv work in the future. New destination blinds are being manufactured by McKenna Brothers in Manchester whilst a period advert is being prepared for the offside. Following its CoIF, Southdown fleetnames will be applied and then 248 will rejoin Eric Stobart's fine collection of former Southdown buses.

RMC1459 becomes Crabbies Ginger Beer bus

The BusWorks in Blackpool has been commissioned by drinks manufacturer Halewood International to convert Routemaster coach RMC1459 into a corporate hospitality and promotional vehicle.

RMC1459 has been selected because of its high speed rear axle and back doors for security when parked. As part of the work the interior will be stripped out but the seat frames/cushions and other fittings will be stored for conversion/restoration back to a genuine RMC at the end of the contract. Initially the bus will be promoting Crabbies Ginger Beer for a 2010 marketing campaign.

The BusWorks will garage/maintenance/operate the vehicle which will attend shows/functions for drink tasting as well as being a mobile promotional bus in its own right.

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Scilly Pony takes shape!

Ex-LT Bristol LH OJD91R is making good progress being converted to open top for its new role as a sightseeing tour vehicle on Isles of Scilly. The bus is now panelled, windscreens refitted and the interior is now being assembled. The bus is due for handover in May and will be painted in light blue and cream livery.

Sunday, 14 March 2010

Rebodied by the BusWorks!

Two extensive coach restorations have been completed this month - a Duple Dominant and a Plaxton Supreme. Both vehicles have been long term restorations partly because of the extensive rebuilding required and the need to slot work around other "quick-win" projects but also a requirement to program work around our client's budget. Both vehicles have been completely reframed by the BusWorks - so they are half original builder and half BusWorks now!

The AEC Reliance was new to Derek Randall European Enterprises of North Acton in 1979 and was used extensively on work involving taking holiday makers to the South of France Spain and Italy. JIW is now in as-new condition once more with the original livery faithfully recreated and work including a complete interior refurbishment . But far from settling into retirement, JIW will soon be earning its keep once more with "Knights Out" on private hire work from its Hemel Hempstead base. See

TSL94S was originally built only a stones throw away from the BusWorks at the Vicarage Lane plant of Duple. Now looking as good as new once more, TSL just awaits application of Tayside graphics before it is handed back to its owner Jim Crowe of the Tayside Transport collection. Like the Plaxton Supreme, work on TSL has included a complete lower half re-frame, a new saloon floor and a complete repanel. The BusWorks had to overcome the problem of restoring the polished moulding with the original plastic backing plates having deteriorated with age. Although originally operated by McLaughlins, TSL has been restored to Tayside livery and will soon be returning to Perth.

Monday, 8 March 2010

Ribble VRT 1997 emerges

Looking superb in cherry red, Ribble 1997 emerged from the BusWorks' paint shop today gleaming in the spring sunshine. There is still quite a bit of finishing work to do, but we are looking forward to 1997 returning to the road for the first time since 2002.

Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bristol J-type BHW432 for body overhaul

BHW432 is a remarkable survivor. Built in 1935 for Bristol Tramways and delivered in the tramway blue livery, the bus was rebodied by ECW in 1947 and the more typically Bristol Omnibus "Tilling Green" livery applied.

After retirement from passenger use in 1958, BHW432 became a showman's bus but after being laid up for several years (and already 59 years old), the bus was acquired by Simon Harris & Kevin Scrivens in 1994, operators of vintage fairgrounds. Fitted with a generator to power rides and a large storage area to the rear, BHW432 took on a new life with the travelling fairground which includes an unusual set of chair rides.

By 2009, BHW was getting rather delicate both mechanically and structure. The BusWorks has been commissioned to fully overhaul the bus and this has involved sourcing many rare mechanical parts and not inconsiderable time and expense. The next major phase is stripping down the ECW body - a 63 year old body on a 75-year old chassis.

See for more details.

ECOC Bristol RE progresses

Eastern Counties Bristol RE RLE864 is progressing well at the BusWorks. Some external panels have been selected for replacement whilst all the window rubbers are being replaced by new silicon cream rubber. More significantly, the cab area has been stripped down to its basic aluminium frame to allow renewal of the timbers that were rotten.

Sunday, 28 February 2010

Lincolnshire 1431 departs

Lincolnshire 1431 departed from the BusWorks yesterday after a reasonably lengthy convalescence in Blackpool. It had arrived at the BusWorks after many years of outside storage had taken its toll on the bus and with many mechanical parts seized.

We were commissioned to partly repanel, re-rubber and repaint the vehicle back into Tilling green and cream livery whilst on the inside the side panels were relined in green rexine and the interior ceilings repainted. Unfortunately, our client's budget could not stretch to reupholstered seating - the coach seats being in very poor condition.

As other Bristol RELH owners will testify, the air suspension on these vehicles is very expensive to replace (the air bags of the correct dimensions are no longer available requiring substantial modification to the vehicles) but this issue aside, the BusWorks prepared the bus for MoT Class V including substantial rewiring.

Leicester Dominator arrives

This East Lancs bodied Dennis Dominator spent more years in Warrington than its native city of Leicester. The East Lancs bodywork styling superseded the traditional box shape applied to Leicester's previous batches of Dominators but the thin body sides and square gasket glazed windows meant that body movement soon resulted in excessive water ingress.

C100UBC is part of the Leicester Transport Heritage Trust collection (see The Trust owns four ex Leicester City Transport buses, but the Trust's current membership can muster a further 15 vehicles ranging from 1950 to 1982, and all of these have connection with Leicester and the County. Indeed, this Dominator is privately owned by Andrew Harris but considered as part of the LTHT collection.

The bus is to be partly repanelled and all glazing rubbers replaced prior to a complete repaint back into mid-1980s Leicester livery of red, light grey and white.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Merseyside Leyland National commissioned

Merseyside PTE was a late convert to the Leyland National and apart from a batch ordered by Southport (but delivered to the PTE) in 1974, it was not until 1977/78 that significant numbers were ordered.

1000 was the PTE's first dual-purpose seated example and entered service in May 1978 at Southport garage with NBC-style moquette for 45 passengers. Later renumbered 7000 and latterly garaged at St.Helens, the bus later found its way to Aintree Coachlines. Now preserved, the BusWorks has been commissioned to start restoration on the vehicle back to its original Merseyside livery. The photo above shows it when new on a private hire in Southport.

Saturday, 30 January 2010

Repaint for Ribble VRT 1997

Ex-Ribble VRT 1997 (OCK997K) achieved celebrity status after clocking up 29 years passenger service and being the oldest bus (outside London) with FirstGroup. After life with Ribble, 1997 operated with Crosville and then Devon RedBus before finally becoming part of First Western National. It was withdrawn from service, still in RedBus livery, in January 2002 and returned north in August after acquisition by the Lancastrian Transport Trust for preservation.

Full restoration of 1997 commenced in September 2006 by LTT volunteers and now a vacant slot in the BusWorks' paint shop has allowed repainting in cherry red to commence.

Final re-assembly for Southdown 248

Following an engine and axle strip down, Southdown 248 has returned to the paint shop for final re-assembly. Although originally intended to return to use in september of last year, our client decided to upgrade the bus to full Class VI pcv status and to reach this standard it was decided to undertake a significant amount of mechanical work.

Glazing, seat frames, re-upholstered seating and re-chromed handrails and other fittings are now being put back with a view to submitting 248 to VOSA for a Certificate of Initial Fitness (Coif) in March. Ex Southdown 248, GCD48 is a 1939 Leyland Titan TD5 rebodied in 1950 with a Park Royal H28/26R body.

RTW335 makes good progress

The extensive restoration of London RTW335 is progressing well at the BusWorks. Commissioned by Ensignbus, the bus arrived with us in late November and already the bus is stripped down and rebuilding work well in hand.
View RTW335's own blog at and keep fully up-to-date with its restoration.

The view opposite was taken in December 2009 - much has changed since!

London LH BL91 becomes Scilly Pony

Remember the Shanklin Pony 'open top' Bristol RE that operated on the Isle of Wight and is now preserved - well it is possible that the design may influence a Scilly Pony!

The BusWorks were approached by Island Rover on the Isles of Scilly to consider options to replace an open top 27ft. long PD2 that was reaching the end of its operational life without a thorough overhaul. The narrow country lanes required a vehicle less than 8ft. wide and 30ft. long. The answer? An ex-London Transport 7ft. 6ins. wide Bristol LH converted to open top inspired by the Shanklin Pony. Former BL91 was acquired in October 2009, transported from Norwich to Blackpool and is now under open top conversion ready for tour duty on the Isles of Scilly from summer 2010.

Kelvin 1929 returns home

Kelvin 1929 (or RM910 to London fans) was collected by its owners Martin Gurr and Gary Conn on 28 January following completion at the BusWorks.

In a cruel twist of fate the M74 was closed due to a serious accident at Canderside, meaning 1929 had to leave the motorway and detour through Larkhall, passing Dunsmore, where many many Kelvin RM's were broken up. 1929 will make its debut appearance on Sunday 7th February at the GVVT's Kelvin Blue & Yellow Excursion. See