Sunday, 14 March 2010

Rebodied by the BusWorks!

Two extensive coach restorations have been completed this month - a Duple Dominant and a Plaxton Supreme. Both vehicles have been long term restorations partly because of the extensive rebuilding required and the need to slot work around other "quick-win" projects but also a requirement to program work around our client's budget. Both vehicles have been completely reframed by the BusWorks - so they are half original builder and half BusWorks now!

The AEC Reliance was new to Derek Randall European Enterprises of North Acton in 1979 and was used extensively on work involving taking holiday makers to the South of France Spain and Italy. JIW is now in as-new condition once more with the original livery faithfully recreated and work including a complete interior refurbishment . But far from settling into retirement, JIW will soon be earning its keep once more with "Knights Out" on private hire work from its Hemel Hempstead base. See

TSL94S was originally built only a stones throw away from the BusWorks at the Vicarage Lane plant of Duple. Now looking as good as new once more, TSL just awaits application of Tayside graphics before it is handed back to its owner Jim Crowe of the Tayside Transport collection. Like the Plaxton Supreme, work on TSL has included a complete lower half re-frame, a new saloon floor and a complete repanel. The BusWorks had to overcome the problem of restoring the polished moulding with the original plastic backing plates having deteriorated with age. Although originally operated by McLaughlins, TSL has been restored to Tayside livery and will soon be returning to Perth.