Monday, 23 May 2011

6LXB engine for Lodekka 651

Work on United Counties Lodekka 651 has progressed very well over the last couple of months, but the challenge of fitting an overhauled Gardner 6LXB engine into the vehicle is currently delaying the process of 651 roaring into life once more. Although some of the chassis cross members and mountings are the same as a Gardner 6LX (and these have been sourced to replace the former mountings since 651 was originally Bristol engined). The 6LXB is, however, a bigger unit and some major components on the engine are in different places compared to a 6LX requiring some modifications to the vehicle.

Meanwhile, we have managed to persuade Tiflex to manufacture a run of the original green Treadmaster flooring for this vehicle - this flooring, once common on PSVs is only manufactured to special order and generally only in the more common brown colour. This is an example of the problems in vehicle restoration - sourcing materials that are no longer in regular production and the costs of procuring short production runs. Glazing with cream coloured window rubbers will soon be refitted.

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Olympian Export to Hungary

Three former Lothian Buses’ Leyland Olympians are passing through the BusWorks before export to Hungary. The buses have been acquired from Ensignbus and are in a superb condition, having been fully overhauled by Lothian and well maintained following open-top conversion. The Olympians have been replaced on sightseeing tour work in Edinburgh by early generation low floor buses.

The work being undertaken by the BusWorks includes the fitting of an offside door for use in Hungary where they are intended for sightseeing work in Budapest. Other work will involve the reduction of the overall height to 4 metres and a repaint in the Hungarian operator’s colour scheme.

Friday, 6 May 2011

BusWorks wins Surf & Cycle bus contract

The BusWorks has won a contract with North Devon Plus to convert two double deck Volvo Olympian buses into 'Surf & Cycle' carriers for a new bus service in the county. Stagecoach Devon has supplied the buses and won the contract to operate the summer service which will start in June.

Both buses will have their lower deck seating removed completely and replaced with racking for surfboards, bikes and general luggage but retain their upper deck seating. The BusWorks will also repanel as necessary before an attractive vinyl wrap is applied, sub contracted to Fylde Autolines.