Sunday, 25 July 2010

MPTE National - now down to bare frame

The appearance of 1000 now reminds me of the East Lancs factory in Blackburn during the early 1990s when the lives of many Leyland Nationals were extended during the 'Greenway' refurbishment.

We have stripped the saloon floor out of 1000, partly because the floor covering needed replacing and it was considered more cost effective to fit new boarding, but also to assess the condition of the steel chassis sections.

Contrary to the notice illustrated in the pictures - I think £20 and £50 notes will definetly be required for this project!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Blackpool MetroRider goes Scilly

When the rebuild of the ex-London LH for Island Rover went beyond the client's budget, a low cost alternative was suggested and so the "Scilly Pony" project has mutated into the Scilly MetroRider! The answer was an ex-Blackpool Optare Metrorider withdrawn from service in 2009.

The glazing was removed and the window pans capped, vinyl seating replaced moquette seating and grab rails were fitted to meet VOSA guidelines. The end result has been repainted in Island Rover's light blue and cream livery and the bus was VOSA approved on 14 July ready for despatch to Penzance, where it will be shipped across to Isles of Scilly sto start its new life.

Leicester 100 - repanelling in progress

The nearside of ex-Leicester Dennis Dominator 100 has been repanelled in recent weeks, as seen in this view during a recent workshop shunt. 100 is expected to be a long term project to fit with our clients' budget spend, but we are looking forward to seeing the vehicle back in the red, grey and white livery that Leicester adopted around deregulation.

During its time at Warrington, the destination display was lengthened to take standard Warrington blinds. A display from a scrapped ex-Blackpool MetroRider has been fitted, explaining the "Fleetwood" destination!

Ex-London Metrobus for Unity Radio

Former Arriva London Metrobus M1327 (reg. C327BUV) has been painted all-black for Unity Radio in Manchester and graphics have been applied for this Community Radio Station. An inverter has been fitted to convert 24v dc to 240v ac supply but the bus is expected to return to the BusWorks in the near future for an interior refit.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

MPTE National 1000 - stripped for restoration

Former Merseyside PTE 1000 (OHF858S) has now been stripped down to its basic framing in what may become one of the most extensive Leyland National restorations. The basic steel frame is in good condition but the steel panelling and window pans were badly corroded, in addition to the skirt panel framing.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Crabbies RMC is Tickety boo!

Routemaster RMC1459 has a busy schedule over the next few months touring for Crabbies Ginger Beer. It has just been launched at the Scottish Open and, following appearances at the English Picnics outdoor concerts near Cambridge, the bus is due for a 24-day stint at the Edinburgh festivals during August.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

What are Metropolitans made of?

Anyone with any doubt why the Scania Metropolitans quickly vanished from operators across the country need only look at the severe corrosion that was lurking behind the rear end fibreglass panelling on MD60. Rust! There must have been a few sleepless nights at LT when the corrosion eating away at their 164-strong MD class became all too apparent.

Saturday, 3 July 2010

Work resumes on London Metropolitan

Work has resumed this week on the extensive restoration work on London Metropolitan MD60. The chassis has already been shotblast and silvered, with some corrosion also attended to. Now, the upper deck has been stripped of old treadmaster whilst the grey lining panels have been removed to assess the framework condition.
As evident elsewhere, MCW only etch-primer treated the steel box-section framing - little wonder these vehicles corroded so rapidly. The old interior adverts have been steamed off and the glazing rubbers scrubbed. New treadmaster will be fitted upstairs and new lining panels as required.