Sunday, 29 August 2010

...and Southend 232 is stripped

This week, Southend Fleetline 232 has been stripped of external panelling and lower deck flooring to reveal the extent of the rebuilding work required. The floor supports are severely corroded, particularly around the front & rear wheelarches and centre door (which doesn't leave much in good condition!) and this area will require complete renewal and then a new floor.

Externally, the main frame is in good condition but the steel 'top-hat' section where the panels rivet onto are badly corroded - and again will need renewing. The BusWorks has fabricated a template for the top-hat section that will suit other Northern Counties bodies.

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Southend Fleetline 232 arrives

Southend Transport, after switching to rear engined double deckers became enthusiastic users of Daimler's Fleetline, in particular the more un-usual 33ft long examples with lowheight Northern Counties bodywork. Southend also specified Leyland 680 engines for a number of their deliveries, marrying what was broadly the Atlantean engine to the more simple and straight foreword Daimler transmission.
232 is one such example and latterly was used by an independent operator on school contracts following exile from Southend - and painted in this metallic maroon livery. It is now at the BusWorks for full restoration to its as-new condition in Southend's attractive blue and cream.

Thursday, 12 August 2010

Metrobus gets Lambrini Cherry treatment

Former City Sightseeing MCW Metrobus M945 (A945SUL) has entered the BusWorks for repanelling and some internal refurbishment and will be outshopped in an all-over advertisement for Lambrini Cherry.

M945 will join the Classic Bus North West operating fleet but will also undertake promotional trips for drinks manufacturer Halewood International, who also produce Crabbies Ginger Beer (their Routemaster is also a product of the BusWorks). M945 is due for completion in early September.

Monday, 9 August 2010

Open-top Bristol LH ready for service!

The conversion of ex-London Bristol LH BL91 (OJD91R) to open-top configuration was completed some weeks ago, but today was an ideal opportunity to capture it in the sunshine. Now in green & cream livery, the bus looks superb and certainly caught the eye of tourists after a few runs along Blackpool Promenade!