Thursday, 20 May 2010

Leicester 100 stripped for restoration

Leicester Dominator 100, reg C100UBC, has been completely stripped of external panelling for restoration to Leicester CityBus red, grey & white livery. Water ingress was certainly a problem partly because of the mitred glazing rubbers (that shrunk with age) and partly because East Lancs. never used any sealent behind the panels. The decision was taken to completely repanel, because every panel was dented and it was considered more cost effective than rubbing down/filling for our client - and the finished job will look superb.
100 will receive a complete repanel and attention to some areas of corroded framework behind the wheelarches and in the engine compartment - the fibreglass engine covers almost fell off! After years on school contracts in Warrington, 100 will return to Leicester as good as new!

Sunday, 16 May 2010

Ribble VRT 1997 nears completion

Work on the restoration of Ribble 1997 at the BusWorks site has now been completed and the vehicle has moved back to the LTT's Brinwell Road.

1997 still requires MoT preparation work including brake servicing, accelerator repairs and other minor work before being submitted to Class VI test at VOSA Kirkham.

248 passes VOSA CoIF test - and now complete

Southdown TD5 No.248 successfully passed its Certificate of Initial Fitness on Friday 14th May and is now certified for passenger carrying use to Class VI psv standard. The work was not without its frustrations, particularly getting the 1939 braking system to pass a 2010 performance test on a VOSA rolling road!

248 now awaits collection for the return journey back home to West Sussex.