Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Southend 232 takes shape

Resembling a scene more akin to Northern Counties' works, Southend 232 is taking good shape. The roof has been completely repanelled after discovering several areas of severe oxidisation, and the window pans have also been renewed. This work follows replacement of the typical Northern Counties 'top-hat' section around the main steel framing, which all had to be replaced. Work is progressing from top to bottom - but there is still much work to be done, particularly on the front and rear framing which is badly corroded.

National 1000 repanelled

Repanelling is well under-way on ex-Merseyside PTE Leyland National 1000 (OHF858S). The Busworks has been busy snapping up Leyland National panels from contacts around the country, to assist with 1000's restoration - but I think we could build a few from scratch now as well! We have also had some new side panelling made for 1000 using templates supplied to a local fabrication company.

Catching up with the Bristol J-type

It has been a while since we caught up with progress on Bristol J-type BHW432. Following the fabrication of a complete new timber framed rear end and the replacement of all side and roof timbers, repanelling is well advanced. We have made new fibreglass window pans, to replace the original ones that were steel and badly corroded. BHW432 will return to its role within a vintage fairground company upon completion.

Friday, 12 November 2010

Routemaster overhauls progress

The complete overhaul and restoration of two Routemasters continues at the BusWorks and the photograph illustrates the extent of the work being undertaken. Both RML2590 and RML2680 have been stripped down to their basic framework ready for rebuilding. Both vehicles are expected to receive new roof panelling as well before major re-assembly work begins.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Routemaster stars at EuroBus Expo

London Routemaster RM1152 is one of the stars of EuroBus Expo at Birmingham's NEC following its restoration at the BusWorks. The bus features on the Omnibus Systems stand, the leading supplier of bus and crew scheduling software to the bus industry.

The sell-out show features 260 vehicle manufacturers and suppliers, more than 100 coaches and buses, a dedicated technology zone, and a programme of seminars hosted by leading industry professionals. Running from 2 to 4 November at the NEC in Birmingham, this annual bus motor show gives visitors the chance to bring themselves completely up to date with all the latest developments and talk to the companies that are shaping the industry.

The BusWorks is very proud to have completed RM1152 for the show and the bus has certainly been turning heads amongst the contemporary buses surrounding it.

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Merseyside 1000 making good progress

The BusWorks has several major restoration projects in progress at the moment that are amongst the most extensive for their class type - the London RTW, London Metropolitan, Leicester Dominator 100, Southend Fleetline 232, Bristol J-type BHW432 and Merseyside Leyland National 1000 all fit into this category. None of them are 'quick-wins' and often I hear criticism from enthusiasts bemoaning our progress - we can't turn these kind of restorations around like a production line!

In this post we catch up with Merseyside Leyland National 1000 which is now being extensively repanelled after framework repairs. Note in this view some new side panelling which we have had specially commissioned.

London RTW467 arrives for work

London RTW467 is currently at the BusWorks for some mechanical work and MoT submission - but also to have its seats completed retrimmed. We have taken the opportunity to take lots of detailed pictures of this vehicle to inform the detailed re-assembly of RTW335 for Ensignbus, a major restoration project started in January 2010.

Lambrini bus is in the pink

Ex-City Sightseeing, but formerly London Transport, MCW Metrobus M945 has now been launched in its all-over advertising livery for Lambrini cherry. The bus, part of Classic Bus North West's operating fleet, is to star in a TV-advert for the brand. Promotional tours using the bus are planned following the success of the Crabbies Ginger Beer bus for the same manufacturer, Halewood International.

In between these commitments, M945 will be available for hire and see use on Sea Front 12 in Lytham St.Annes next summer.