Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Routemasters gather at the BusWorks site

There are currently 8 Routemasters at the BusWorks site for various reasons. Amongst them are two RMLs owned by Nick Rose of Bournemouth that are undergoing probably the most thorough restorations/rebuild of the RML class - unless, of course you know different. RML2590 is being restored as near as possible to original condition, whereas RML2680 will be outwardly original but internally is being fitted out for corporate use.

The Routemasters are:

RM1152/RML2590/RML2680 - undergoing restoration at the BusWorks

RMC1459 - operated on behalf of Crabbies Ginger Beer brand

RM1568/RM1583/RML2290 & RML2734 - in ClassicBus North West operating fleet

Interestingly all the RM type vehicle are from the ***CLT registration series (although RM1568 was re-registered BNK324A after exile from London).