Sunday, 27 January 2013

Big Bus Olympians for USA

This winter, we are converting 10 tri-axle Olympians for Big Bus Tours for export to USA where they will replace older stock in San Francisco & Philadelphia. The ten buses started their lives in Hong Kong but after withdrawal by KMB the vehicles were exported to England for open top tour work with Big Bus in London. Now replaced by newer buses, the last of the Olympians are going for further life in the USA after a thorough refurbishment and new engines.
Almost ready for delivery back to Big Bus for export to USA
The work being undertaken in Blackpool includes conversion to full open top, reducing the overall height down to 4m, transposing the centre door to the offside, meeting USA lighting regulations, new glazing rubbers, a complete repanel and respray into Big Bus maroon & cream livery.
360 prior to respray but after an almost complete repanel
359 stripped for roof mod, door mod & repanelling