Saturday, 28 April 2012

A less fortunate Lodekka...

OPN807 today, wearing the Brighton & Hove colours applied in September 2010
Back in September 2010 we suspended work on former Brighton & Hove Lodekka OPN807 and have been in dispute with its owner ever since. Now no business is ever perfect, you cannot please all the people all the time and you cannot produce a Rolls Royce on a Ford Fiesta budget. I think we are mature enough to understand that there are always two sides to ever story - but the victim in all this has been the bus with all attempts at reconciling the issues and arbitration with its owner having failed so far.
Unfortunately, we are aware that the bus is being used to damage our business reputation and the legal fees being clocked up could be better spent on the real task of bus preservation. 18 months later - OPN807 remains with us! Funny world isn't it...During a shunt round today, OPN807 was captured on camera.
March 2010 and OPN807 is rescued from East Sussex