Saturday, 22 January 2011

FoKAB Panther 419 arrives

FoKAB's Panther 419 (UOU419H) has arrived at the BusWorks for a roof rebuild. Built in 1970 with a Plaxton 'Derwent' style body, the construction includes a substantial amount of timber, which was very uncommon for buses even by the 1960s.

The FoKAB group had become increasingly concerned by body movement and water ingress on 419; sister bus 417 owned by the group had its roof extensively rebuilt many years ago, but the extent of the work meant that 417 was off the road for several years.

An initial inspection of 419 shows that there is soft or rotten roof timbers and the sealent between the roof panels and timber has broken down, leading to loose panelling, corroded screws to secure panel mouldings and water ingress. The BusWorks has therefore been tasked to rebuild the roof of this fine vehicle.